Sunday, February 10, 2013

{DIY} Valentine's Day Card Box

Hello lovelies. I wanted to share a simple, easy tutorial on making a Valentine's Day box for your kids to put their cards in.

Supplies needed:
Hot Glue
A box of any size or shape (shoebox, tissue box, etc)
Ribbon of your choice ( I used two colors)
Something to decorate your box with  (I used stickers and pages from a kid's Avengers book)
Construction paper
Mod Podge
Side note: For the lettering, I used my vinyl cutter. You could easily paint this on yourself using acrylic paint.

Start with your box

Wrap it in duct tape ( fancy, right?) to secure the lid (if you are using a shoebox)

Mod Podge construction paper around the box. Trim your edges. It's okay if your edges aren't perfect. That's what the ribbon is for.

Next, cut the hole for the box. Then, hot glue on the ribbon for the corners.

Hot glue on the top ribbon, working your way all the way around before you finally cut it.

Hot glue on the last of your ribbon for the top border. If you have enough ribbon left over like I did, go ahead and make a handle. My fabric was stretchy so it totally works.

Now, I was trying to use stuff I had around the house. With Jackson's permission, I cut into some of the pages of his Avenger's book, then mod podged the characters onto the box. I finished by adding the stickers and vinyl lettering. Keep in mind, Jackson is 3. He requested Batman, Avengers and Buzz Lightyear. This box is blingity-bling bling, packed full with images! You could keep it simple and limit how much you put on there. But this isn't my's Jackson's. You know what? He is one happy little boy right now and is SO ready for his party at school to show his cool box off to his little friends.
This was obviously for a boy. Feel free to change it up and personalize it for your little princess.
Here are the rest of the pictures. Enjoy!

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