Friday, January 25, 2013

~Puttin' On Your Smarty Britches~

Happy Friday, Y'all! Okay, so today I have something completely different to share with you. An APP called Smarty Britches: A Southern Boy Discovers Nouns. It's an APP that my mother-in-law (who is also a wonderful teacher) created about my little family. You will see that it centers around our oldest son, Jackson aka Smarty Britches, who puts on a pair of magical britches everyday that help him learn his nouns and their meanings. I can speak from experience that this APP helps children learn and have fun doing it. Jackson is 3 and Wyatt will be 2 in May. Wyatt is not in this particular APP because he was not yet born. However, he will be featured in the next APP which is about a southern cowboy who rounds up verbs on his horse. Our children are young, but this APP has truly helped with learning to talk and make complete sentences.

Now, with that being said, let's get down to the real business. I am a real woman with real people problems. My boys spit, throw rocks, pee in their pants, wipe boogers on me and toot (we don't say the F word around here) in public and blame it on me. I's horrible... and very embarrassing when this monstrous, green cloud appears out of nowhere around me without warning and people start to run, point and stare while I stand there red in the face looking at Jackson like, "really? now?". Better out than in, I guess.  

Moving on... I stay at home with our children, which is a tremendous blessing, yet I am constantly looking for new ways to entertain and teach our boys. They watch TV, but not all day long. It can become exhausting and is most certainly a full-time job. For crying in a bucket, I was so glad when my mother-in-law created this APP! Now, I can throw my heathens in a room with an IPad and know they are learning their nouns while I go regain my sanity! Okay, so I'm only kidding (kind of). Anyways, this is a great APP for those who want their children to learn and have fun doing it....and for those like me that sometimes need a moment of silence. I turn that bad boy up and LOUD, sit them varmints (a varmint is a pesky critter or animal) down and LEARN some nouns. It doesn't get any better than that. Take a peek below to see a few pictures from the APP, including me pushing Jackson on a swing and my husband in "hog heaven".


Thanks for taking the time to read and check this out! It really means a lot to me. Hopefully, if I have time today (we've discussed how busy I am wiping boogers off my shirt), I plan on posting a few pictures of the inside of my house along with ideas on changing it up to better fit my style and personality.
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  1. Hi Amber, The joys of motherhood! The app sounds wonderful and your MIL is quite talented to create this. Thanks for dropping by and I am now a follower. xx, Sherry

  2. Hey there, darlin'! Thank you! Yes, you gotta love being a's a job that is most rewarding. Also, thanks for following me! I'm loving your blog & ideas! Have a lovely Monday :)